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Membership of working group Physics*

Please specify below for which working group you want to be subscribed as a member. Specify your choice by ticking the relevant box. It is allowed to subscribe for a maximum of two working groups. For a thematic description of the communities, please check the document below Uitwerking werkgemeenschappen Natuurkunde - werkgebied per werkgemeenschap (in English).

Membership in the working groups is open to every member of the scientific staff (assistant, associate and full professors, group leaders and of course tenure trackers) at one of the Dutch universities or institutes. Researchers from industry as well as researchers who work outside the Netherlands (but with a special affinity for the research field in the Netherlands) are also welcome to become members.

By submitting your membership you agree that NWO can use your information to inform you and consult you on matters related to NWO, Physics and your selected working groups. Your name and affiliation can also be shared with the Round Table Physics and the working group committees of Physics.

Taken, samenstelling en werkwijze werkgemeenschapscommissies (wgc’s)

Uitwerking werkgemeenschappen Natuurkunde – werkgebied per werkgemeenschap